Gillette Mach 3

An incredible razor that is incredibly comfortable and precise. With twice the life of a disposable razor* and a closer shave, the Mach 3 is an easy selection.

Benefits of the MACH 3:

* MACH3 razors versus Gillette two-blade disposables, comparing average number of shaves reported by consumers in 2010–2011 national surveys

Who should choose the MACH3?

The Mach3 is ideal for men who shave regularly, with a light to medium facial hair growth. The 3 blades provides a close and smooth shave, although offers a little less preciseness than Gillette’s more advanced razor blades. Mach3 is perfect for the price conscious man looking for a high quality razor.

Shaving tips:

The blue indicator strip on the razor head fades to white when it’s time to change your blade. The indicator strip is there to signal that the blade is starting to get blunt and that the blade is no longer providing an optimal shave.

Your razor blade subscription:

Shave & Subscribe deliver an easy-to-use subscription service, allowing you the freedom and control over your shave. With the Gillette Mach 3 razor, you can: Start your subscription by choosing between a 4 and 8 blade pack every three months. Easily control your subscription by cancelling or pausing your subscription through your account.